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The Establishment of Community-Based Irrigation Management and Its Effects to Users in Krapeu Troam, Oudong District, Kampong Speu Province Cambodia.

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia, Indochina sub-continent. The country enriches of water
resource both fresh and marine. Mekong River connects to far China’s Great Tibet Plateau and
meets Tonle Sap Great Lake in the center of the country. Water system spreads differently and
diversely through many streams along sides of the rivers and the Great Lake. Water flow
fluctuation is based on capacity of the rains in the seasons, upstream velocity and weather;
therefore, water allocations differ from time to time.

Published by: UNDP-UNOPS - Author: Chan Danith,
Published on: Feb 2004 - Uploaded on: Sep 2011
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Keyword(s): Southeast Asia , Drinking water , Water resources , Meteorology , Irrigation
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